• Effects of Date of Planting on the Lint Yield of Several Cotton Varieties Planted at Four Locations in Arizona, 1988

      Silvertooth, J. C.; Malcuit, J. E.; Howell, D. R.; Else, P.; Silvertooth, Jeff; Isbell, Joan (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1989-03)
      Field experiments were carried out at 4 locations in Arizona to evaluate the effects of planting date on the lint yield of several varieties of cotton. One pima and eleven upland varieties were planted on 5 dates at 2 locations and 1 pima and nine upland varieties were planted on 5 dates at a third location. At a fourth location, 1 pima and 3 upland varieties were planted on 4 dates. General trends in lint yields indicate an advantage in yield potential from full- season type varieties, particularly when they are planted early. Full-season varieties, however, diminish rather quickly with regard to yield potential, when planting is delayed in comparison to varieties that are considered mid-or shorter-season varieties.