• Cotton Variety Trial, Mohave Valley, 1988

      Grumbles, R.; Silvertooth, J.; Malicut, J.; Silvertooth, Jeff; Isbell, Joan (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1989-03)
      Seven upland cotton varieties and pima S-6 were demonstrated in Mohave Valley in Mohave County in 1988. The elevation there is 500 feet. Of the 7 upland varieties, 2 were new and had not previously been tried in the area; 1 had been tried for the first time last year. Pima S-6 was a new introduction to the Valley. Trial results indicated that the new introduction Tifcot 56 led the trial, yielding 901 lbs. of lint per acre. It was followed by DPL 90 at 886, DPL 50 at 884, DPL 77 at 819, BR 110 at 76$ DES 119 at 755, and Delcott 344 at 664. The first attempt at pima S-6 yielded 447 pounds of lint per acre. Its plot in 1988 was basically new ground that had not had a crop on it for the past 5 years.