• Short Staple Variety Trial, Cochise County, 1989

      Clark, Lee J.; Schwennesen, Eric; Silvertooth, Jeff; Bantlin, Marguerite (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1990)
      The old standar4 1517-75, was the best yielding variety in 1989, yielding over three bales of lintper acre. 1517-77BR, which yielded well in 1987 and then dropped off a bit in 1988, carne in second and an experimental, 6658 came in third. The touted New Mexico star, 1517-88 came in fourth followed closely by California's Prema. Eight of the 10 varieties tested yielded over 2.5 bales per acre. More than normal heat units coupled with good management practices brought the highest yields yet recorded in a University cotton variety trial in Cochise County.