• Defoliation of Pima and Upland Cotton at the Safford Agricultural Center, 2001

      Clark, L. J.; Coleman, R. D.; Carpenter, E. W.; Norton, E. R. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2002-06)
      Nine defoliation treatments based on standard and reduced rates of Ginstar and Chlorate plus two additives (compounds F and S) were applied to Pima and Upland cotton to compare the treatment effects on percent leaf drop and yields. All of the treatments were beneficial to leaf drop compared to the untreated check with the Ginstar treatments generally performing better than the Chlorate. Both of the additives enhanced the early defoliation effectiveness for the reduced rates of Chlorate and Ginstar over all other treatments, including the full rates of the Chlorate and Ginstar. Generally, this same enhanced effectiveness was seen of the additives plus reduced rates over the full rates of Chlorate and Ginstar throughout the defoliation process. This is the second year of the study.