• 2001 Low Desert Upland Cotton Advanced Strains Testing Program

      Husman, S.; Coyle, G.; White, K.; University of Arizona Cooperative Extension (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2002-06)
      Upland cotton advanced strains and commercial check comparison varieties were evaluated in replicated field studies at three locations in 2001. The test sites include Yuma, AZ., Maricopa, AZ., and Safford, AZ.. Nine seed companies submitted a maximum of six advanced strains entries per location. Four commercial check varieties were used at Maricopa and Safford-DP5415, NuCOTN33B, SG747, and ST474. Five commercial check varieties were used at Yuma-DP5415, DP33B, SG747, ST474, and DP451BR.