• Evaluation of a Twin-Line Cotton Production System in Graham County

      Norton, E. R.; Clark, L. J.; Carpenter, E. W.; Husman, S. H.; McCloskey, W. M.; Clay, P. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2002-06)
      A single field study was established in 2001 at the Safford Agricultural Center to evaluate a twin-line cotton production system. This location was part of a larger, statewide program conducted in 2001. This location consisted of two separate planting dates (PD) in which two separate planting systems were used. Results from this location indicated trends in yield increases with the twin-line production system when compared to the single or conventional production system. Lint yield increases of approximately 200 lbs. lint/acre were observed on the second PD. Lower yields were observed in the twin-line planting with the first PD which was in part due to poor seed placement with the equipment used to plant the twin-line on the first PD. Results indicate the potential for increased yield with the twin-line production system with the caveat that the proper equipment be used to plant the twin-line system to ensure precise and consistent seed placement and spacing.