• Comparative Responses of Three Cotton Varieties to Mid-July 2005 Application of Chaperone™ in the Palo Verde Valley

      Rethwisch, Michael D.; Milke, Jose; Wellman, Jessica J.; Luna, Manuel; Ramos, D. Michael; Van Dyke, Joe; Tronstad, Russell; Norton, E. Randy (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2006-07)
      Chaperone™ was applied in mid-July to three different cotton varieties (DPL 449BR, DPL 555BR, STV 5599BR) being grown in the same field. Varieties differed in their responses, with application of Chaperone™ resulting in fewer fruiting structures per plant than untreated DPL 449BR or STV 5599BR, but more such structures in DPL 555BR. Seed cotton yields were increased in DPL 555BR by almost 300 lbs./acre by application of Chaperone™, but were only about 20 lbs./acre greater in the other two varieties. A higher percentage of lint in seed cotton was associated with Chaperone™ application in both DPL 449BR and STV 5599BR, but a lower percentage in DPL 555BR. Calculated lint yields increased in both DPL 449BR and STV 5599BR, but yields were almost identical for treated/untreated DPL 555BR in this experiment. Application of Chaperone™ resulted in a slight increase in fiber uniformity in all three varieties.