• Upland Cotton Variety Evaluations in Southeastern Arizona

      Norton, E. R.; Borrego, H. J.; Tronstad, Russell; Norton, E. Randy (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2006-07)
      Three separate Upland cotton variety evaluations were conducted in southeastern Arizona during the 2005 cotton growing season. Two locations were in Graham County, Thatcher and Ashurst, while the third location was in Cochise County in the community of Kansas Settlement. Eleven varieties were selected for both the Thatcher and Kansas Settlement locations while seven were planted at the Ashurst location. Varieties ranged in maturity from early to full at each of the three locations. All plots were arranged in a randomized complete block design with four replications. All three locations were planted on grower-cooperator fields and were managed in accordance to the individual grower styles. Plant measurements were collected over the course of the season at both the Thatcher and Ashurst locations. Lint yield was determined by harvesting the entire plot at each location and weighing the resultant seedcotton. Sub-samples were also collected at the time of harvest for percent lint estimates and fiber quality analysis. Lint yield levels at both the Ashurst and Thatcher locations were high. Due to poor initial germination, the Kansas Settlement location had to be replanted and was later maturing. Thus, lint yield was down some from the normal average in that area. At the Thatcher location lint yield ranged from 1200 to just over 1600 lbs. lint/acre with ST5242BR producing the highest lint yield and the highest crop value. In Ashurst the yields ranged from 950 to nearly 1350 lbs. lint/acre with Fiber Max FM960RR producing the highest lint yield. However, due to some fiber quality discounts it did not produce the highest crop value. Fiber Max FM989RR had excellent fiber quality and produced the highest crop value even though it produced a slightly lower yield. In Kansas Settlement lint yields ranged from 460 to approximately 850 lbs. lint/acre with the highest lint yield and total crop value being produced by Deltapine DP444BR. This is consistent with the earlier nature of this variety.