• Agronomic Evaluations of Transgenic Cotton Varieties, 1998

      Silvertooth, Jeffrey C.; Norton, Eric R.; Silvertooth, Jeff; University of Arizona (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1999)
      Several field experiments were conducted in many of the cotton growing areas of Arizona in 1998 for the purpose of evaluating agronomic characteristics of many new transgenic Upland cotton varieties. In many cases, the new transgenic lines were compared directly with their recurrent (nontransgenic) parents. Evaluations were carried out by collecting plant mapping data from each variety on a regular 14 day interval throughout the season and relating the resultant information to established baselines for Upland cotton in Arizona. Lint yield measurements were also taken on each variety at all locations. Results indicate that all transgenic lines tested are very similar to their recurrent parents in terms of growth, development, and yield. Some subtle differences were noted but they were very slight and should not impact management of the varieties significantly in comparison to their recurrent parents.