• Adaptation of Deciduous Fruit to the Desert Climate

      Fallahi, Esmaeil; Kilby, Mike; Tilt, Phil (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1986-12)
      Chilling requirements and maturity of several varieties of peaches and apples were studied at the University of Arizona, Yuma Mesa Agricultural Center (Southwest Arizona) in 1985-1986. Flordared, Flordabelle, Flordabeauty, Flordagold, Desert Gold and Suwanee peaches broke their dormancy earlier than other cultivars and showed full bloom between mid-to-late January. Suwanee and Desert Gold matured earlier than other tested varieties, but they produced small size fruit with low sugar content. Anna and Dorsett Golden apples showed extended blooming period due to insufficient chilling.
    • Effects of Various Chemicals on Dormancy, Maturity and Thinning of Peaches

      Fallahi, Esmaeil; Kilby, Michael; Moon, John W.; Kilby, Michael W.; Bantlin, Marguerite (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1990-12)
      Effects of 5 chemicals on the reduction of dormancy and early maturity of peaches were studied for 3 years under the desert climatic condition of Southwest Arizona. CuSO4, urea and particularly hydrogen cyanamide reduced the dormancy and enhanced blooming. Application of hydrogen cyanamide in October induced full bloom in November (1 month after application) and produced fruit. Late November was the most appropriate time for application of hydrogen cyanamide, and fruit were harvested 10 days before normal time in April. No difference was found between 5% and 3% (V/V) of hydrogen cyanamide in the time of blooming; however, rate at 5% always caused some phytotoxicity. Application of hydrogen cyanamide at 1% before bloom and at full bloom produced the same size of commercially packed fruit as hand-thinned ones.
    • Influence of Rootstocks on Yield and Quality of "Redblush" Grapefruit

      Fallahi, Esmaeil; Rodney, David Ross; McDonald, Herbert (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1986-12)
      The influence of 12 different rootstocks on yield and quality of "Redblush" grapefruit was studied for several years. Rootstocks consisted of: macrophylla, volkameriana, rough lemon, Palestine sweet lime, sour orange, Carrizo citrange, taiwanica, Savage citrange, Citrumelo, Ichang pummelo, Troyer citrange and Cleopatra mandarin. Trees on volkameriana, Palestine sweet lime, rough lemon, and sour orange had higher yield than other rootstocks, while trees on Savage citrange had lowest yield. However, soluble solids and acid /sugar ratio were relatively low in the fruits on volkameriana but high in fruit on Savage citrange rootstocks.