• Performance of Various Lemon Types in Southwest Arizona

      Fallahi, E.; Rodney, D. R.; Butler, Marvin (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1988-12)
      Long term comparisons of 8 types of lemons (Citrus limon Bunn. F.) on Macrophylla (Alemow) (C. macrophylla) rootstock regarding yield, tree growth, and quality under the arid conditions of the Southwest were studied. 'Foothill Lisbon' showed significantly higher cumulative yield and total acid than 'Monroe Lisbon', 'Prior Lisbon', Eureka strains, and Villa Franca, and had larger fruit than other Lisbon strains. 'Prior Lisbon' produced larger tree canopy than all other strains. Overall, Eureka strains and 'Villa Franca' had lower relative cumulative yield, yield efficiency, canopy volume, soluble solids, total acid and fruit seed content , but higher soluble solids to acid ratio than Lisbon strains. All factors considered 'Foothill Lisbon' and 'Prior Lisbon' have good potential for planting in the arid climate and sandy soil of Southwest, when Macrophylla rootstock is to be used.