• Influence of Rootstocks on Yield and Quality of "Redblush" Grapefruit

      Fallahi, Esmaeil; Rodney, David Ross; McDonald, Herbert (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1986-12)
      The influence of 12 different rootstocks on yield and quality of "Redblush" grapefruit was studied for several years. Rootstocks consisted of: macrophylla, volkameriana, rough lemon, Palestine sweet lime, sour orange, Carrizo citrange, taiwanica, Savage citrange, Citrumelo, Ichang pummelo, Troyer citrange and Cleopatra mandarin. Trees on volkameriana, Palestine sweet lime, rough lemon, and sour orange had higher yield than other rootstocks, while trees on Savage citrange had lowest yield. However, soluble solids and acid /sugar ratio were relatively low in the fruits on volkameriana but high in fruit on Savage citrange rootstocks.