• An Evaluation of Biological Agents for Control of Citrus Nematode and Liohippelates Eye Gnat

      Nigh, Edward L. Jr.; Sumner, Christopher; Svodoba, Thomas; Wright, Glenn (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1997-11)
      Biological agents have been employed in a series of experiments to evaluate their efftcacy,in control of the citrus nematode and Liohippelates eye gnat in the Yuma mesa area. Steinernema riobravis, an entomopathological nematode, considered climatically adapted to western Arizona temperatures, was selected from commercially available sources. Three field trials and a greenhouse study utilizing the nematodes at population ratés of one and two billion juveniles per acre were each unsuccessful in reducing the nematode or insect pest. Poor viability and survival were attributed to the negative results in each of the investigations. The microbial nematicide, DiTera, which was included in two limited trials, was found to be highly effective in suppression of citrus nematode populations infecting Yuma citrus. These results have prompted Abbott Laboratories, manufactures of the product; to establish two demonstration plots in the Yuma mesa area.