• Analysis and Evaluation of the Performance of Surface N-Fertigation on the Yuma Mesa

      Sanchez, C. A.; Zerihun, D.; Wright, Glenn; Gibson, Rick (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2002-11)
      The application of N-fertilizers mixed with a surface irrigation stream (surface N-fertigation) is widely practiced in the Yume Mesa. Guidelines for the efficient management of surface N-fertigation systems are needed. The purpose of the work reported herein is to evaluate the relative effectiveness of existing surface N-fertigation management practices in the Yuma Mesa. This has been accomplished through the following steps: (1) a complete set of performance indices that can be used to assess the relative merit of alternative management scenarios are identified and defined and Equations as well as solutions for quantifying the performance indices are proposed; (2) surface fertigation field experiments (using Br- as a tracer) were performed in two irrigation basins at the Yuma Mesa research farm of the University of Arizona during the fall season of 2000; (3) the spatial distribution as well as the application efficiency and adequacy of Br- applied with irrigation water was determined using the performance functions proposed herein; and (4) the results were analyzed to assess the merits and limitations of existing practices.