• Control of Early Woolly Whiteflies Infestations with Foliar Insecticides

      Kerns, David L.; Wright, Glenn (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2003)
      Five foliar insecticide treatments (Esteem, Provado, Applaud, Assail, and Danitol + Lorsban) were evaluated for their control of early woolly whitefly infestations in lemons. Esteem and Applaud are insect growth regulators that should have little impact on whitefly parasitoids. The impact of Provado and Assail on whitefly parasitoids is not certain, but at high rates may be detrimental, while Danitol + Lorsban will be especially harmful to parasitoids. The impact of these insecticides on woolly whitefly could not be fully determined in this trial due to the effectiveness of parasitoids, Eretmocerus comperei or E. dozieri (exact species not certain), on controlling the whiteflies in this test. However, other research (not reported here) has indicated that all of the insecticide treatments evaluated have good activity against woolly whitefly. Because parasitoids can be extremely effective in mitigating woolly whiteflies populations during the early phases of colonization, it is recommended that chemical control not be utilized until woolly whitefly colonies are common. However, previous experiences suggest that allowing woolly whitefly populations develop extremely high populations should be avoided.