• Foliar Activity of Assail®, Fulfill® and Flonicamid® on Aphids in Leafy Vegetables

      Palumbo, John C.; Amaya, Andreas; Ledesma, Luis; Chavez, Leonardo; Ruiz, Javier; Villegas, Geraldo; Byrne, David N.; Baciewicz, Patti (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2004-09)
      Several small-plot studies were conducted in the spring of 2004 to compare the residual efficacy of several new reduced risk insecticides against aphids infesting desert head lettuce. In 4 head lettuce trials and one broccoli trial, economic aphid control was consistently achieved following foliar applications with flonicamid and Assail. These compounds provided good knockdown of aphids when applied relatively early in lettuce plant development and aphid population growth. Fulfill was less consistent and performance was reliant on correct spray timing. Collectively, the chemical attributes and biological activities of Fulfill, Assail and flonicamid make them extremely attractive for implementation into an aphid management program.