• Effect of a Plant Growth Regulator on Green Beans Grown for Processing

      Rethwisch, Michael D.; Beckstead, Dick; Parker, Larry; Oebker, Norman F. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1996-08)
      Three rates of the plant growth regulator Foliar Triggrr were applied to green beans grown for processing at 5% bloom. The 6 oz rate increased yields of size 1 and 2 beans compared to all other treatments and the untreated check and had the fewest size 3 beans (which would be culls). The 11 oz rate was similar to the untreated check while the 16 oz rate decreased yields. Total bean numbers per plant were similar. Although treatment differences in this experiment were not statistically significant, a yield increase of 10.2% for the 6 oz rate compared with the untreated check may well result in increased economic returns.