• Insect Crop Losses and Insecticide Usage for Spring Melons in Central Arizona for 2007

      Palumbo, John; Fournier, Al; Ellsworth, Peter; Taylor, Erin; Rice, Kevin; Byrne, David N. (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2008-01)
      Impact assessment is central to the evolution and evaluation of our IPM programs. Quantifiable metrics on insecticide use patterns, costs, targets, and frequency, crop losses due to all stressors of yield and quality, and other real world economic data (e.g., crop value) are our most objective tools for assessing change in our systems. We recently initiated a project to measure the impact of insect losses and insecticide uses in cantaloupes and watermelons grown in central Arizona (Maricopa, Pinal and La Paz counties). The data generated in this report is useful for responding to pesticide information requests generated by EPA, and can provide a basis for regulatory processes such as Section 18 or 24c requests, as well as for evaluating the impact of our extension programs on risk reduction to growers. This information also confirms the value of PCAs to the melon industry by showing the importance of cost-effective management of insect pests in desert production.