• Population Dynamics of Pecan Aphids and Their Green Lacewing Predators in Insecticide-Free Pecans

      Hunter, Martha; Petersen, Mette; McElween, Melinda; Kilby, Michael; Wright, Glenn; Kilby, Mike (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2000-10)
      Field surveys of aphids and their natural enemies were conducted in a 30 acre unsprayed block of 'Wichita' pecans in Southeastern Arizona (FICO, Sahuarita) during the growing seasons of 1997, 1998, and 1999. Each season showed a different pattern of aphid population development. In general, numbers of the more damaging black pecan aphid, Melanocallis caryaefoliae were always lower than those of the blackmargined pecan aphid Monellia caryella and no serious aphid damage by either species was observed. Two species of green lacewings were the dominant natural enemies in the orchard, and eggs could be found throughout the season.