• Correcting Iron Chlorosis in Pyracantha

      Doerge, T. A.; Gibson, R.; Kopec, David M. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1988)
      The alkaline nature of most Arizona soils contributes to widespread iron deficiency in exotic ornamental plants, such as pyracantha. An experiment was conducted in 1987 to evaluate the effectiveness of two soil-applied iron fertilizers (FeEDDHA chelate and a jarosite-type iron silicate, Ironite\) and three rates of foliar- applied FeEDDHA in controlling iron chlorosis symptoms in established pyracantha vines. Soil-applied FeEDDHA was the most effective in reducing iron chlorosis symptoms, followed by the foliar chelate treatments. The iron silicate material had no significant effect on iron chloroses symptoms compared to the untreated control. Both soil and foliar applications of FeEDDHA chelate made in the fall can effectively control iron chlorosis symptoms in established pyracantha.