• Chemical Control and Integrated Pest Management of Woolly Whitefly

      Kerns, David L.; Wright, Glenn (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2007-10)
      Eight foliar insecticide treatment regimes (single applications of Esteem, Danitol + Lorsban, Applaud, Provado and Prev-am, and two applications of Applaud, Provado, and Prev-Am) were evaluated for management of woolly whitefly infestations in grapefruit. All of these products demonstrated efficacy in mitigating woolly whitefly populations. Danitol + Lorsban appeared to be the best knock-down treatment evaluated, but Provado and Prev-Am also demonstrated good activity. For sustained control, all of the treatments were effective; however, Prev-Am required an additional application to achieve equivalent control. Soil injections of 16 and 32 fl-oz/ac of Admire were very effective against WWF, and there were no detectable differences between the two rates. The Admire appeared to require about 27 days after injection to demonstrate consistent activity.