• Seed Propagation of Cordia boissieri and Cordia parvifolia

      Schuch, Ursula K.; Davison, Elizabeth; Kelly, Jack; Kopec, David M. (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2001-09)
      Cordia boissieri and Cordia parvifolia are plants commonly used in landscapes in the Southwest. Although they are available in the nursery trade, Cordia species are recalcitrant to germinate from seeds. The objective of the study was to determine a reliable propagation protocol for each species. Germination percentages for Cordia boissieri of 70 to 100% were obtained when seeds were stratified under warm conditions before germination. However, with prolonged storage seeds lose viability and age of the seed and seed storage conditions need further investigation. Seeds of Cordia parvifolia collected from local sources had low viability and did not germinate in response to several different seed treatments.