• Long Staple Cotton Variety Trial, Safford Agricultural Center, 1993

      Clark, L. J.; Carpenter, E. W.; Hart, G. L.; Nelson, J. M.; Silvertooth, Jeff (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1994-03)
      Sixteen long staple cotton varieties (including 4 Pima experimental lines) were tested in a replicated small plot trial on the Safford Agricultural Center. Plots were machine harvested twice to determine yield and percent first pick Small hand samples were taken to determine boll size, percent lint turnout and fiber qualities. Pima S-6 was the highest yielding variety with 1110 pounds per acre of lint. Five of the sixteen varieties yielded over 2 bales per acre. A new variety OA 312 looks particularly promising with yield very close to S-6, fiber quality better than S-6 and an earliness that approaches that of S-7.