• Irrigation Efficiencies and Lint Yields of Upland Cotton Grown at the Maricopa Agricultural Center, 1994

      Sheedy, Mike; Watson, Jack; Silvertooth, Jeff (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1995-03)
      A field trial was conducted at the Maricopa Agricultural Center to observe the effects of four irrigation efficiencies (65 %, 75 %, 85 %, and 95 %) on the lint yield produced from two upland cotton varieties (DP 5415 and DP 5816). Nitrogen requirements for the crop were determined using pre -season soil samples and in-season petiole samples with data collected from crop monitoring at weekly intervals. AZSCHED was used as a guide to the irrigation timing and amount of water applied during the season. The irrigation efficiency did not have an effect on the lint yield of the cotton crop regardless of variety, but there was a significant difference in yield between the varieties. Lint yields ranged from 1165 #/acre to 1299 #/acre for DP 5415 and 869 #/acre to 986 #/acre for DP 5816.