• Analysis of Quantifier in Japanese

      Tomoda, Shizuko (University of Arizona Linguistics Circle (Tucson, Arizona), 1982)
      Quantifier Floating (henceforth QF) in Japanese has been discussed in the literature by several linguists ( Okutsu 1969, Harada 1976, Kamio 1977, Shibatani 1977, Kuno 1978, Inoue 1978). Their analyses have focused on two issues. One issue concerns whether QF should be considered in terms of grammatical relations; subject, direct object and indirect object, or grammatical surface cases; nominative case GA, accusative case O, and dative case NI. The other issue concerns whether QF phenomenon is to be accounted for by virtue of a transformational rule or by virtue of an interpretive rule. This paper consists of two sections. In the first section, I will present a review of previous analyses of QF in the literature, ultimately questioning any transformational account of QF. In the second section, I will examine sentence structures containing quantifiers.