• 1995 Seed Treatment Evaluations

      Norton, E. R.; Silvertooth, J. C.; Silvertooth, Jeff (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1996-03)
      Cottonseed was treated with several fungicide treatments in an effort to protect the seed and seedling from disease. Seed germination and vigor was evaluated in two Arizona locations; Maricopa and Marana. Stand counts were taken on two separate dates after emergence at both Maricopa and Marana and percent emergence was calculated. Significant differences in percent emergence due to treatment were observed in both sample dates at Marana. Results at Maricopa were not statistically significant but similar trends to those at Marana were observed with treatment number 6 (no treatment) having the lowest percent emergence and treatment number 2 (combination of Nu-Flow ND and Apron TL) having the highest emergence.