• Commercial Field Performance of Confirm and Success on Head Lettuce and Broccoli

      Palumbo, John C.; Hannan, Todd A.; Oebker, Norman F. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1999-02)
      Field trials were conducted in the Yuma and Gila Valleys to assess the commercial field performance of Confirm and Success insecticides against beet armyworm and cabbage looper larvae. Ten lettuce and five broccoli fields were treated with combinations of Confirm, Success, and standard insecticides on various stages of plant growth. Success provided quick knockdown of larvae, but ultimately Confirm provided equitable control. Cabbage looper control with Confirm appeared to be influence by application volume and plant size. Addition of pyrethroid to Confirm did not provide additional efficacy. Success provided good suppression of leafminer adults and thrips. Both products provided control equal to conventional standards and will become valuable components of future lettuce pest management programs in Arizona.