• Aphid Control in Broccoli

      Umeda, K.; Gal, G.; Murrieta, J.; Oebker, Norman F. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1999-02)
      In a small plot field test, imidacloprid (Provado®), oxydemeton- methyl (Metasystox-R®), RH -7988 (Aphisttar®, Rohm and Haas), pirimicarb (Pirimor®), methamidaphos (Monitor®), and endosulfan were effective in significantly reducing the number of aphids in broccoli within 4 days of treatment (DAT). At 14 DAT, Provado, Metasystox-R, and Monitor continued to exhibit a significant reduction of aphids relative to the untreated check Pymetrozine (CGA- 215944, Novartis) at 0.022 lb AI/A did not effectively reduce aphids in this test.