• Noncrop Herbicide Weed Control

      Umeda, K.; Gal, G.; Oebker, Norman F. (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1999-02)
      Paraquat and diquat were effective against weeds immediately at 3 DAT. Glyphosate, sulfosate, and glufosinate exhibited activity against the weeds at 7 to 10 DAT. Paraquat provided the most complete weed control of most weeds at 10 to 16 DAT. Most of the diquat treated weed recovered and exhibited regrowth after 22 DAT. Glufosinate did not provide adequate control of most weeds at 22 DAT similar to diquat. Glyphosate and sulfosate were nearly equivalent at 0.50 and 2.0 lb AI/A against most weeds at most of the rating dates.