• Timing of Postemergence Herbicides for Onion Weed Control

      Umeda, K.; Gal, G.; Strickland, B.; Byrne, David N.; Baciewicz, Patti (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1999-10)
      Bromoxynil (Buctril®) at 0.063, 0.094, and 0.125 lb AI/A was completely safe on onions treated at the early first true leaf stage of growth. Onions did not exhibit visual injury at 12 days after treatment (DAT) and height was not different from the untreated at 45 DAT. Melilotus officinalis (yellow sweetclover) was only marginally controlled by both Buctril and oxyfluorfen (Goal®). Goal provided better weed control with an earlier application timing at 0.063 lb AI/A than the later application at 0.25 lb AI/A. All herbicide treated onions yielded higher than the untreated. A rate response was observed for Buctril and Goal where onion yields were higher for the higher rates of application. Results indicate that the POST herbicides at lower than typical use rates were safe when applied to onions at an early timing. Effective weed control of some weeds was observed but yellow sweetclover was not adequately controlled.