• Studies on Stubborn Disease and its Vector in Arizona Citrus Groves and Nurseries

      Oldfield, George N.; Creamer, Rebecca; Wright, Glenn C.; Wright, Glenn (College of Agriculture, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1997-11)
      Seasonal flight of beet leafhopper vectors of stubborn disease was monitored at wholesale nurseries in Yuma County, and at young citrus groves in Maricopa County using yellow sticky traps exposed at successive two-week intervals. Trapped leafhoppers were removed and assayed for presence of the citrus stubborn agent by PCR. Leafhoppers were collected live from weed plants in groves and nurseries using an insect vacuum and both leafhoppers and tissue from weed plants were assayed by PCR for the stubborn agent. Selected trees in groves in Yuma and Maricopa Counties were visually inspected for stubborn symptoms.