• Bilingual Development and the Education of Bilingual Children During Early Childhood

      García, Eugene E.; Martínez, Steve; Arizona State University; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (University of Arizona, Mexican American Studies & Research Center, 1981)
      The “simultaneous” development of two languages during early childhood has begun to receive increased research and educational attention in the last decade. Linguistic, social and psychological investigation of this phenomenon has produced an extensive literature often segmented by parochial disciplinary boundaries. The present review attempts to congregate these unidemensional approaches into a multidimensional perspective of bilingualism cognizant of concurrent interactive forces which act to define the bilingual experience. Moreover, there is a specific attempt to consider the educational character (including the evaluation of instructional paradigms) of bilingual education endeavors in this country. Lastly, specific curricular implications for early childhood are addressed and related to empirical information presently available.