• Sustaining a Collaborative Organization in a Changing Environment

      Etschmaier, Gale S.; Gelman Library, George Washington University (2006-04-06)
      The Gelman Library System of George Washington University has made a transition to an organizational model that emphasizes the needs of students and working in groups. We are preparing for future changes in user needs and redefinition of services, including participation in LibQUAL+ in spring of 2006 and small "town meetings" with library staff to develop an understanding of the changing student population. In these meetings, we hope to include focus groups from a local science and technology magnet school to learn more about what future students will expect and need from academic libraries. One of the key services we hope to look at is reference and information services and how this should fit with overall services. We will also need to become "leaner" but more efficient. Some staff positions may disappear, and others may require higher or different skill levels. As we plan for the future, we will need to face the challenges of our own collaborative nature and whether this supports or inhibits change. Some areas of focus include: communication, team structures and breaking down barriers between functions, and challenges working with staff from different generations (are Gen X's ready to be the "older" generation?)