• Advanced Math (Don't Worry, Not Too Complicated!) for Library Cooperation

      Radics, Kati; UCLA (2008-05-02)
      The poster will graphically present those ranges of library materials where successful cooperation can be worked out. Different graphic representations will illustrate single access library materials (books, print periodicals, un-networked CD-ROMs, etc.) and multiple access library materials (web based online resources, networked CD-ROMs, etc.). Ranges for successful cooperation not only differ along the single vs. multiple access parameters, but also along the criterion of the frequency of use: i.e. high and low use; charts will discover these correlations as well. Planning or readjustment of cooperation among multiple institutions requires the capability to extrapolate possible results in terms of the number of acquired library items, copies, and costs. The poster will present calculation methods and charts showing the possible savings, space needs and duplication level that librarians can use when thinking about future cooperation or changing the scope of the existing collaborative projects.