• Creating an Integrated Library System Using Open Source Software for Afghanistan Academic Libraries

      Rawan, Atifa; Han, Yan; Garcia, Jose; University of Arizona Libraries (2006-04-06)
      This poster session describes building an Integrated Library System (ILS) for Afghanistan academic libraries using open source software. We will present our approaches in software selection, improvements, and modifications such as Persian language support and users interface.
    • Establishing a Digital Library Infrastructure in Afghanistan

      Rawan, Atifa; Han, Yan; University of Arizona Libraries (2008-05-02)
      Afghanistan workshop attendees seeing their digital access on the computer for the first time. This program will focus on the creation of an Integrated Library System using an Open Source Software for Afghanistan Academic Libraries and on the digitization of Afghanistan's unique resources. Since April 2002, the University of Arizona Libraries' staff have been involved in building capacity for libraries and librarians in Afghanistan. In this program, we will discuss our efforts in working with open source digital libraries’ platforms and customization of the integrated library system interface into both English and the native language of Afghanistan (Persian, Dari), providing and enhancing access to scholarly information resources, and digitizing unique resources, and setting up digitization infrastructure in the country to meet their teaching and research needs. The presentation specifically will reflect on digitization efforts including challenges, problems and barriers with language and lack of technological infrastructure. We will also discuss our virtual training efforts in the absence of training on the ground due to security issues in the country and collaboration efforts with other governmental and non-government entities in Afghanistan and abroad.
    • The Government Information Road: Where Next?

      Russell, Judy; O'Mahony, Daniel P.; Malone, Cheryl Knott; Rawan, Atifa; Government Printing Office; Brown University Library; School or Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona; University of Arizona Library (2006-04-06)
      It's been 10 years since the Government Printing Office issued its study to identify measures necessary for a successful transition to a more electronic federal depository library program. In the interim, GPO and depository libraries have been transitioning to electronic dissemination while at the same time continuing to manage the legacy collection of print and other tangible formats. In this session, participants will discuss the upcoming opportunities and challenges we can expect as we continue to function in the hybrid environment. Among the issues to be addressed: digitization, collaboration, training, staffing and strategic vision.