• Meeting the University Mission

      Estrella, Katherine Scott; Wolfe, Paula; University of Arizona Libraries (2006-04-06)
      The University of Arizona goal is to be the Hispanic university for Arizona. The library strives, through collections of secondary and primary resources to support the university mission, our Hispanic community, research and teaching. The art and architecture project involves assessing the present collection for important books and resources, work with the archivist of the Borderland Special Collection to collect primary resources, make a list of connections in Mexico for books and primary resources, build a collection development policy to cover the arts and architecture, and work with faculty teaching courses and doing research on Mexico that use our secondary and primary resources.
    • Patron-Driven Acquisitions: Bridging the Boundaries of Need and Access to Information Resources

      See, Andrew; University of Arizona Libraries (2012-04-24)
      As the University of Arizona Libraries employ a 21st century user-centered approach to information resource management, we have adopted a Patron-Driven Acquisitions program. Fundamentally, the program is based on the model of users as the drivers of library acquisitions. By imbedding order records in the library catalog and by identifying user needs through interlibrary loan requests, the library is able to acquire targeted information resources that more efficiently meet the research needs of our users. This service significantly enhances the user experience and allows the UA Libraries to see greater use of our resources.