• More Than A Pathfinder: Are We Getting the Most Out of Online Course Guides?

      DeFrain, Erica; University of Arizona Libraries (2012-04-24)
      With library budgets continuing to shrink and the ability to create online content becoming an accessible task for almost everyone, the push to offer more scalable online instruction services has never been stronger. The number of library course and subject guides has exploded in recent years, but are they really doing what librarians hope they are? This poster seeks to spark a new dialogue concerning the creation and use of online course guides by looking at the assumptions we hold and what practice has taught us. Who is using them? What is a course guide's lifespan? Do we have the data to support our pedagogical theories? What does the future hold? How can we make them better?
    • Supporting Students Where They Are When They Need It: Scaling Instruction at the University of Arizona Libraries

      Kline, Elizabeth; Sult, Leslie; University of Arizona Libraries (2012-04-24)
      Continuing on the University of Arizona Libraries' long history of leveraging technology to support students in attaining information fluency, this poster will highlight two approaches for supporting students where and when they need assistance. We will discuss how the Libraries selected, developed, and refined a scalable and interactive online approach to database instruction and suggest an approach other libraries can adopt to make pedagogically sound database tutorials. We will also share a local tool designed to push course-appropriate library content and services to all courses using a course management system and our plans for modifying the tool so that faculty and librarians can work together to efficiently and easily create customized, integrated course guides.