• Advanced Math (Don't Worry, Not Too Complicated!) for Library Cooperation

      Radics, Kati; UCLA (2008-05-02)
      The poster will graphically present those ranges of library materials where successful cooperation can be worked out. Different graphic representations will illustrate single access library materials (books, print periodicals, un-networked CD-ROMs, etc.) and multiple access library materials (web based online resources, networked CD-ROMs, etc.). Ranges for successful cooperation not only differ along the single vs. multiple access parameters, but also along the criterion of the frequency of use: i.e. high and low use; charts will discover these correlations as well. Planning or readjustment of cooperation among multiple institutions requires the capability to extrapolate possible results in terms of the number of acquired library items, copies, and costs. The poster will present calculation methods and charts showing the possible savings, space needs and duplication level that librarians can use when thinking about future cooperation or changing the scope of the existing collaborative projects.
    • Town and Gown: Public and Academic Libraries Collaborate in Service

      Rivera, Alex; Sykes-Casavant, Gabrielle; University of Arizona Libraries (2008-05-02)
      The University of Arizona Libraries offers its users more than just access to our print collections - we also provide electronic document delivery, presentation practice rooms, group study rooms, and helpful research and reference assistance in person, by phone, or by live chat or email. These services support the academic needs of our students and our campus. Campus life, however, is more than academics - and that’s where the Pima County Public Library (PCPL) steps in. Visit the "Town and Gown: Public and Academic Libraries Collaborate in Service" poster session and see how Pima County Public Library and The University of Arizona Libraries launched an exciting new collaboration that brings PCPL librarians to campus to increase awareness among students, staff and faculty of the great online and branch services that all of our public libraries offer.
    • Two Libraries, One Plan: Combining and Refining Technical Services Across Two Campuses

      Peakovic, Andrea; Conrad, Ellen P.; Kenyon College; Denison University (2006-04-07)
      The Libraries of Kenyon College and Denison University, supported by a Mellon Foundation grant, have collaboratively redesigned and merged their technical services departments into one combined unit, through the creation of a joint department of Collection Services. As members of the Five Colleges of Ohio and OhioLINK consortia, both libraries have a long standing history of cooperation. This venture, however, takes cooperation to a new level of collaboration by merging one department within two distinct libraries, geographically separated on two campuses. This presentation will be geared towards providing valuable insight to other libraries who might be considering new ventures in collaboration and work redesign. Key elements of this unique plan will be highlighted, such as staff empowerment and redefined workflows, while the focus of the presentation will be on the process undertaken in planning and implementing the redesign project. Recognizing that successful reorganization at this level is not a given, the presenters will include a frank discussion of both the keys to success, as well as those things that have been bumps in the road, so that others may anticipate both the challenges and rewards of rethinking the role of technical services within our libraries.