• ...And Our Crystal Ball Says...: Predicting a Changing Future

      Reyes, Verónica; University of Arizona Library (2006-04-06)
      The Access & Delivery team was charged with providing the UA Libraries with a report summarizing recommended long and short-term strategies in directing the library for the future. This poster illustrates the path that the Access & Delivery team took to arrive at recommendations and strategies for the UA Library’s strategic plan.
    • Charting the Course: An Inclusive Process for Strategic Planning

      Albrecht, Cheryl; Carlin, Jane; University Libraries, University of Cincinnati (2006-04-07)
      Developing a work environment that engages all staff, commits to continuous improvement, and promotes teaching and learning in line with University programs all while managing budget cuts. Sound impossible? We don't think so. At the University of Cincinnati, University Libraries has undergone a dramatic transformation through the introduction of a strategic planning process that embodies elements of appreciative inquiry, equal treatment of staff and faculty, training in facilitation and listening, and embracing leadership potential at all levels. Our presentation will focus on the strategic planning process implemented at UC: including; setting the stage, "planning the plan", staff input and development and implementation. We will share how we have "operationalized strategic planning" as we begin our second three-year planning cycle.
    • The Directors' Panel

      Gherman, Paul; Webster, Duane; Franklin, Brinley; Jean and Alexander Heard Library, Vanderbilt University; Association of Research Libraries; University of Connecticut (2006-04-06)
      Panelists will respond to the following questions. *What are the 3 critical opportunities for libraries that we must pay attention to in the next 5 years? *What are the characteristics of strategies that we need to learn in order to be successful? *What are the risks we need to be ready to take?
    • Leadership Team Restructuring for "Where Next": The Changing Role of the UA Library Cabinet

      Phipps, Shelley; Promis, Pat; University of Arizona Libraries (2006-04-06)
      The Library Cabinet has taken on new responsibilities for operationalizing the Strategic Plan in our streamlined structure. They have also changed the way they conduct business to make decisions more transparent, to include stakeholders in their deliberations, and to improve communication with the larger library staff.  
    • Tick Tock, Tick Tock - Shortening the Strategic Planning Clock: Strategic Planning at the University of Arizona Library

      Oxnam, Maliaca; Martin, Jim; Ammon, Mona; Knowlton, Sharon; Ray, Michael; University of Arizona Libraries (2006-04-06)
      The UA Library embarked on a new long-range strategic planning process utilizing new techniques to determine our future directions. Come hear how we shortened our planning process and where we’re headed in the future!