• UNLV Libraries at the Center of Student Learning

      Fabbi, Jen; Brown, Jen; Zald, Anne; Hoover, Steven; University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries (2012-04-23)
    • Virtual Environments at NCSU Libraries

      Boyer, Josh; North Carolina State University Libraries (2012-04-23)
    • We Value Leadership Throughout Our Organization

      Spencer, Gene; Bucknell University (2006-04-07)
      Over the past several years, Bucknell University has been deeply engaged in creating a combined Library/IT organization. Because of the complex work of merging two related but very different organizations (with vastly different organizational cultures), we have had to be purposeful and thoughtful about developing a new culture that brings the best of our traditional organizations forward. Early in the process, we developed a set of "values" which includes "We Value Leadership Throughout the Organization." Success depends on all members of the organization providing appropriate leadership in their work. Our leadership value has an impact on our professional development, communication and collaboration activities. This presentation describes how we are putting significance to this value and what it means for our entire staff, as well as people in "leadership positions."
    • Where Next? Library Transformation

      Stoffle, Carla J.; Leeder, Kim; University of Arizona Libraries (2006-04-06)
    • Where’s the Book? 2nd Ed.

      Larson, Carrie; Ammon, Mona; Joy, Sandra; Marion, Cleo; Teetor, Travis; University of Arizona Libraries (2006-04-06)
      First, we brought you "Where’s the Book? We Found It!" A look at the problem of why customers can’t find library owned materials. Now we bring you the sequel, what solutions we implemented to solve these problems and what effects these solutions have had.
    • Writing for Educators Instead of Grade Levels

      Fey, Cass; University of Arizona Libraries (2012-04-24)
      This session will focus on successful educators' guides written to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary use of collections by K-12 and university faculty. This tactic for relating collections to classroom study bypasses the time-consuming methodology of writing for specific grade levels. The Curator of Education at the Center for Creative Photography will discuss her approach to writing for the educated individual to assess and present collection subject matter and interpretation strategies to students at various grade levels and across curricula. It will include samples of collection descriptions, discussion questions, and methods for interpreting photographs.
    • You Want Your ILL When? Right Now?

      Voyles, Jeanne; Knight, Ellen; University of Arizona Librares (2006-04-06)
      Results of the University of Arizona’s Six Sigma process improvement of the Interlibrary Loan article borrowing process will be shared: user survey results, problems that were addressed to improve the process, statistics describing our processes before and after improvement and our cost analysis summary. In this study Turn Around Time (TAT) was improved: From: 42% of requests delivered within 3 days To: 68% delivered within 3 days; AND the Cost per Article was reduced: From $8.43 To: $7.97 (with more savings to come).