• An Improved Scribe for Dendrochronological Annotations

      Bramhall, A. E.; Canadian Forestry Service, Western Forest Products Laboratory, Vancouver, B.C. (Tree-Ring Society, 1977)
    • An Oak Chronology for South Central Scotland

      Baillie, Michael G. L.; Palaeoecology Laboratory, Queen's University, Belfast (Tree-Ring Society, 1977)
      The chronology presented was constructed in the hope of answering two specific questions. It was intended to assess the potential of dendrochronology in an area where no previous investigations had taken place. In addition it was necessary as a step towards assessing the cross agreements between different areas within the British Isles. The resulting 1030 year chronology has shown the potential usefulness of the method in Scotland and allowed the suggestion of larger tree -ring areas within the British Isles than have previously been supposed.