Tree-Ring Research is the peer-reviewed journal of the Tree-Ring Society. The journal was first published in 1934 under the title Tree-Ring Bulletin. In 2001, the title changed to Tree-Ring Research.

The Tree-Ring Society and the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona partnered with the University Libraries to digitize back issues for improved searching capabilities and long-term preservation. New issues are added on an annual basis, with a rolling wall of five years.


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Recent Submissions

  • A 7104-Year Annual Tree-Ring Chronology for Bristlecone Pine, Pinus Aristata, from the White Mountains, California

    Ferguson, C. W. (Tree-Ring Society, 1969-08)
    A 7104-year tree-ring chronology has been developed for bristlecone pine, Pinus aristata Englem., in the White Mountains of east-central California, U.S.A. The chronology was extended backward in time by incorporating tree-ring series from living trees up to 4600 years old, as well as from standing snags, fallen trees, large remnants, and eroded fragments. The availability of datable wood in the 9000-year range has been indicated by radiocarbon analysis. Aspects of chronology development are described. Substantiating evidence, for both age and chronology, is derived from the bristlecone pine of east-central Nevada, where a 5000-year series has been developed. Dated bristlecone pine has been used in radiocarbon studies; approximately 500 samples of dated wood have been sent to various laboratories.