• Tree-Ring Bulletin, Volume 25, Issues 3-4 (June 1963)

      Unknown author (Tree-Ring Society, 1963-06)
    • Tree-Ring Dates from the Navajo Land Claim I. The Northern Sector

      Stokes, M. A.; Smiley, T. L. (Tree-Ring Society, 1963-06)
      This, the first of five articles, gives the dates from specimens collected by the Navajo Land Claim Field Research teams. All specimens came from the Northern Sector of the Navajo Land Claim area. Out of a total of 237 specimens worked, 145 of them were dated and are listed here. Several specimens from each area were measured and plotted with modern cores from the area. The indices for each area are given, as well as the average indices for the Northern Sector.
    • Computer Programs for Tree-Ring Research

      Fritts, Harold C. (Tree-Ring Society, 1963-06)
      Computer programs are described for: (1) the derivation of tree-ring indices and associated statistical parameters, (2) the dating of unknown tree-ring series against a longer master chronology using correlation techniques, (3) the calculation of cross- correlation to evaluate covariation among a large number of series, and (4) the estimation of variance components for sampled tree-ring series. General applications of these programs are illustrated by reference to an example of archaeological dating, a study of correlation among tree-ring series as a function of distance, and several ecological evaluations of tree-ring variability.