• Dendroclimatology of Elm in London

      Brett, Donald W.; Botany Department, Bedford College, University of London (Tree-Ring Society, 1978)
      A pilot investigation of 11 trees from London parks has shown that elm (Ulmus) is suitable for dendrochronology and dendroclimatological analysis. Ten trees are shown to crossdate well and form the basis of a London group elm chronology for the years 1900-1971; chronologies derived from fewer trees cover the period 1840-1971. Correlations with monthly climatic variables and seasonal rainfall and soil moisture totals are described. Response functions for the relationship between the London elm chronology and precipitation and temperature recorded at Kew demonstrate the direct relationship between ring width and precipitation during the growing season and during the previous autumn and early winter (September to December), an inverse relationship to rainfall the previous summer; above average temperature during the previous autumn leads to above average ring width but there is an inverse relation between ring width and temperature during March and April at the commencement of the growing season.