• The Dendrochronological Potential of Populus Balsamifera in Northern Alaska

      Dunwiddie, Peter W.; Edwards, Mary E.; Lost Farm, Hummock Pond Road, Nantucket, Massachusetts; College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington (Tree-Ring Society, 1984)
      Populus balsamifera grows farther north than any other tree in North America. In northern Alaska, these trees have clear annual growth rings, and reach ages over 230 years. High year-to-year variability in ring widths permitted ready crossdating. A chronology prepared using paired cores from 16 trees exhibits mean sensitivity (0.48) and standard deviation (0.50) values much higher than those obtained from most conifer species in the Arctic. First order autocorrelation (0.43) is also lower than most Arctic species. A strong correlation (r =0.47) with June temperature suggests balsam poplar may provide a good record of growing season temperature.