• Test of a New Method for Removing the Growth Trend from Dendrochronological Data

      Warren, W. G.; | MacWilliam, S. L.; Forintek Canada Corp., Vancouver, B.C. (Tree-Ring Society, 1981)
      Tests of the compound increment function, introduced by Warren (1980) as a means for removing the growth trend from dendrochronological data, are herein reported. In particular, the inter- and intra-site correlations of the residuals generated by the new method are compared with those generated by standard exponential fits. It is also shown that, in the presence of non-climatically induced responses, such as might arise from thinning, exponential fits can lead to spuriously high intra-site correlations. Accordingly, and because the new method's virtual elimination of negative and very low positive correlations, it appears to be the more satisfactory for portraying the growth trend.