• Reconstruction of Severe Hailstorm Occurrence with Tree Rings: A Case Study in Central Switzerland

      Hohl, Roman; Schweingruber, Fritz Hans; Schiesser, Hans-Heinrich; Department of Geography, University of Fribourg, Switzerland | Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, Switzerland; Atmospheric Science ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland (Tree-Ring Society, 2002)
      Dendrochronological methods were used to date hail injuries in tree rings of six mountain pines (Pinus mugo var. uncinata) at a site in central Switzerland. Annually dated injuries (1939-1996) were in 89% of the cases attributable to years with severe regional hailstorm occurrence (1957-1996). Days with severe hailstorms were successfully dated in either the earlywood and /or latewood portions of a tree ring in a given year. Tree rings provide an alternative proxy to existing data for reconstructing past severe hailstorm occurrence.