• Spatial Journeys: Eco-Tourism in the Lower Delta Region of the Colorado River & the Upper Gulf of California.

      Clement, Caryl; Frederickson, Mark; Glenn, Edward; Jones, Warren (The University of Arizona., 2000)
      The northwestern region of the State of Sonora, Mexico is an area rich with cultural and bio-diversity. In recent years, over-fishing of this area coupled with the disappearance of the Colorado River Delta waters has caused a marked decline in the fishing industry. Local economies have suffered causing a trend of the young adults to move away from their homes in order to find viable occupations. Eco-tourism is a viable alternative, potentially improving the current economic decline of the local communities and maintaining the cultural family structures. Examination of the cultural, economic and environmental needs of the area and the preferences of eco-tourists, indicate the possibilities for a sustainable, low impact eco-tourism program. An integrated form of Eco-tourism is proposed for Cienega de Santa Clara, with other potential sites for Eco-tourism tourism activities identified within the region bounded by the Colorado River Delta Biosphere Reserve to the north, extending south through to the small fishing village of El Golfo de Santa Clara. The recommendations proposed are based on the integration of the following: the desires and needs of the locals, involvement of the locals at all levels, strategies that are sensitive to the environment, the desires and needs of Eco-tourists and the needs of outfitter guide services. A pro-active approach will be implemented in conjunction with a an American based company, Southwest Trekking, through the employment of pilot trips, surveys and structured interviews with locals residents and environmental scientists.