• Subsurface irrigation of turf: An examination of current methods

      Deeter, Michael T.; Schmoll, Timothy Jon, 1942- (The University of Arizona., 1991)
      This study examines literature on subsurface irrigation of turf using published and unpublished sources to determine its relevance for the designer of irrigation systems. It looks at two installed sites to determine current industry practices and then develops a model to assist the designer of these systems. Finally areas in need of further research and technical development are suggested. Literature is not readily available to the designer and it is sometimes contradictory. Case studies show that subsurface irrigation is an effective method of irrigating turf, especially in arid parts of the world. A model to select tubing and emitter spacing is developed by summarizing existing literature and case studies. Virtually all areas of design, installation and management need further research. Two primary areas that need further investigation are specific design issues and benefits to the end user such as cost, water savings and maintenance procedures.