• Relationship between landscape architects and landscape contractors: Real vs ideal

      Havens, William H.; Spencer, Jo Ann, 1951- (The University of Arizona., 1989)
      How well individuals relate or communicate with one another can make or break a project. Landscape architects and contractors appear to have a relationship which is tarnished by mistrust. This mistrust hinders communication and prevents jobs from running as smoothly as possible. Research was conducted to collect data on the relationship between landscape architects and landscape contractors. A questionnaire was designed and sent to one hundred landscape architects and contractors within the State of Arizona to gather first hand information from the involved parties. Results from the research indicated relationships have improved over the past ten years. Areas suggested for further growth: (not in any particular order of importance) (1) establishment of a joint organization, (2) internship programs for landscape architectural students, (3) specifications tailored to specific projects, (4) a referral agency for contractors, (5) revamping competitive bid system, (6) nursery visitation for both parties, (7) architects taking the leadership role in the industry.